About Us

Taking care of your skin, the natural way...

Purisense started with the sole purpose of providing its customers with fully natural skincare products with organic ingredients - as close to nature as possible. We go back to the basics - using plant-derived ingredients and avoiding synthetic and harmful ingredients. We believe that your skin deserves natural care - so that it looks and feels natural - the way it is supposed to be.

All our natural products use ingredients - fruits, herbs, and botanicals - carefully gown on the Greek Islands and contain at least 80% organic ingredients. Here at Purisense Organic, we deliver dermatologist-grade, vegan skincare products that are both potent and gentle on your sensitive skin; making sure to avoid unnatural chemicals and harmful toxins at all costs. 

The idea of Purisense came from the desire to create truly natural and transformative products. Launched in 2017, Purisense is the distillation of years of research and industry knowledge. The products brilliantly deliver extraordinary results with a synergistic mix of the most advanced potent ingredients and healing, restorative botanicals. Purisense is constantly evolving, always intending to deliver radiant, healthy skin for everyone. Purisense products are the ultimate combination of science and nature. A high-performance, seriously technical, anti-ageing skincare range with thoroughly researched, innovative ingredients used in optimum concentrations to ensure maximum results.

We stay away from adding any preservatives or chemicals, which is why we disclose all our ingredients on our product labels so that you know exactly what you are applying on your skin - no secrets. We also want to educate you about our products and have a list of the key ingredients and their benefits for you to read.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase or would like to get more information before buying our products please contact us and we will do our best to help you.