Purisense - The Passion of Pure

Ever wonder what’s in your everyday skincare products? Do you get intimidated and confused by the long list of unidentifiable ingredients in your products? Well, I used to be in the same position, sceptical about the products I am putting on my skin, until I decided to take matter in my own hands. I studied the science behind natural and organic cosmetics, learned about all the ingredients that are beneficial for your skin and the ones that really harm your skin. I experimented with various recipes at home, until I achieved formulations that made a difference to my skin. So I started making them for my friends and family, and they really loved it. And so, I finally decided to make it available to everyone who has been looking for all-natural, organic skincare products.


With all the sun, dirt and pollution, your skin is the one of the first things that gets affected. If not taken care properly, it causes unnatural harm and affliction. Add to that the numerous chemicals and synthetic ingredients that you get from your regular skin care products. The only way to repair your skin from damages is to let it naturally heal from the inside.


With Purisense products, there are no harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients which cause further damage to your skin. Every ingredient is naturally derived and carefully handpicked to formulate products that provide your skin with the right nourishment that it deserves. Our products will revive your skin, as well as  protect you from external harmful factor,  leaving your skin looking naturally younger and more vibrant.


The ingredients for Purisense products are derived naturally from herbs and plant extracts that are grown in the bountiful islands of Greece. The ingredients are carefully combined such that they retain their benefits. Since we guarantee that all our ingredients are 100% natural and 100% vegan, we disclose every ingredient that goes in the product. Also, as our products are wisely curated from naturally occurring ingredients, they have a shelf-life of one year from the date of manufacture.


With a myriad of skincare products available to consumer, it is easy to get confused when it comes to buying the right product for your skin. If you still use products that are filled with harmful chemicals, it is time to explore the option of organic products. Even the brands claiming to provide you with organic products cannot be trusted, if they fail to disclose ALL of their ingredients. Just like when you eat your food, you know what goes in it, so why not apply the same rule with your skincare products? After all, everything that you apply on your body gets absorbed by your skin, and if you wouldn’t eat chemicals, then why put them in your body through your skin?